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Chandris Lines The Greek-flag Chandris Lines entered the passenger ship trade in 1959, carrying migrants from Greece to Australia. The fast success of the service led to a fleet of Chandris liners serving the migrant routes from Europe to Australia, usually returning via the Panama Canal for around-the-world, transatlantic and various port-to-port passengers. The ocean liners in this service as of 1967 were the Ellinis and Australis.

Chandris Lines In 1963, the U.S. flag Matson liner Lurline was for sale with mechanical issues. The solidly-built ocean liner was repaired and rebuilt by Chandris Lines, more than doubling her capacity. She was renamed Ellinis or "Greek Lady", and sailed from Southampton via Greece and the Suez Canal to Australia, returning via Tahiti, Panama and the Caribbean to the U.K.

Chandris Lines Continuing growth led to Chandris putting their largest ocean liner into service in 1965. The U.S. flag transatlantic liner America was no longer needed, and was quickly bought by Chandris. Her large capacity was more than doubled for the migrant and tourist trades and she was renamed Australis, the "Australian Lady". Almost all cabins received extra berths and although Australis had a rather spacious and plush interior, it suffered somewhat with heavy use by over 2,200 passengers.

"Come with us to the call of the sea. To its romance, its adventure and relaxation. To the sanity of having time to acclimatise yourself before setting foot in a new continent, and no time and temperature differences to upset your equilibrium... This then is your holiday at sea which offers so much for such a very reasonable fare. The great sea holiday that Chandris Lines promise you."

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Ellinis - 1933 - Chandris Lines
Ellinis Chandris Lines
Built: 1933 by Bethlehem Steel, Quincy MA, USA Gross tons: 24351 Length: 642ft (196m) Width: 79ft (24m) Depth: 28ft (9m) Speed: 20.5kn Power: 28500 shp Propulsion: Steam turbines twin screw Passengers: 1642 One-class End of service: Cruising only from 1973; laid up 1980; scrapped 1987

Australis - 1940 - Chandris Lines
Australis Chandris Lines
Built: 1940 by Newport News SB & DD, Newport News VA, USA Gross tons: 34449 Length: 723ft (220m) Width: 93ft (28m) Depth: 29ft (9m) Speed: 22kn Power: 37400 shp Propulsion: Steam turbines twin screw Passengers: 2258 One-class End of service: Laid up 1978; sold 1979