United Fruit Company

The Last Ocean Liners


United Fruit Company This influential American shipping company was noted for its passenger and cargo "Great White Fleet" sailing from U.S. East and Gulf coast ports to Central America and the Caribbean. However, by 1957 their heyday was over and the 100-passenger combination vessels had been withdrawn.

One of the remaining services was a freighter line from New York to Panama accommodating up to 12 passengers, which incidentally connected with other companies' around-the-world voyages transiting the canal.

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Freighter - 1947 - United Fruit Company
Freighter United Fruit Company
Built: 1947 by Bethlehem SB, Sparrows Pt MD, USA Gross tons: 5075 Length: 386ft (118m) Width: 56ft (17m) Depth: 26ft (8m) Speed: 16kn Power: 6050 shp Propulsion: Steam turbines single screw Passengers: 12 First End of service: Various